Food Basket Challenge week concludes but conversation must continue…

Food Basket Challenge participants have reached the end of their week-long Challenge.  Thank -you to all the participants who made the choice to live on the contents of a food bank basket in solidarity with those who do not have a choice.  They demonstrated enormous courage, sincerity and humour throughout the Challenge.  Thanks also to Curtis Anderson (Shaw TV) for hosting the Community Forum and all the agencies and individuals involved in the organizing committee.

As the Challenge concludes we are left asking “What’s next?”.  Tell us what actions you will take to help build a healthier community for all.

Click on one of the profiles below to read a participant’s blog, or click here to see the blog roll. You can also visit our discussion forums for more conversation topics.


Attendees of the Community Forum asked a number of questions which have been included in our discussion forum. Let’s keep the conversation going